ng different types of military equipment. The range of these machines has such models as the maintenance workshop, repair & charging battery station, optic-electronic diagnostics machine, tank workshop, mobile repair shop, etc. These products showed high performance during the operation at both Ukrainian armed units and foreign customers.

Currently, for Ukrainian security agencies, the company developed a mobile field unit for a wide range of issues in the sphere of repair and maintenance of armored vehicles.


PC-LBT-02 Mobile Field Unit is manufactured at a universal platform unified under ISO 6346:1995 international standard for 20’’ containers. It consists of a container vehicle equipped with loader crane based on off-road six-by-six terrain vehicle, four container-type modules with variable shape and volume, 8 t two-axle trailer with 40 kw diesel - generator set, covering canopy, electrical equipment, special devices and tools for military repair of BTR-70, BTR-80, BTR-3 and BTR-4 armored vehicles. Each module of the field unit is equipped with hydraulic system of self-loading/unloading from the container vehicle. Lifting and lowering is done by means of hydraulic cylinders both in manual and in the mechanical mode.

The device and its operation principle

  • Container Vehicle
  • Movable Trailer
  • The Arrangement and Operation Principle of MP-A Field Module
  • The Arrangement and Operation Principle of MP-B Field Module
  • The Arrangement and Operation Principle of MP-C Field Module
  • The Arrangement and Operation Principle of MP-D Field Module

State-owned "Kharkiv Special Machine Plant" is a top company producing special-purpose vehicles for repairiIt is a chassis of a three-axle, single-slope off-road six-by-six wheel truck with a lifting capacity of 12.5 t.

Container truck is equipped with loader crane with a lifting capacity of 1.2 t at a boom length of 7.6 m, a platform for transportation of 20’’ containers with fittings’ fastening mechanisms and special-purpose hydraulic equipment for controlling self-unloading / self-loading of containers.

The car cab is equipped with an intercom system for providing communication between the driver and the operator.

Chassis of two-axle trailer of unit with a lifting capacity of 8 t is equipped with two-wire braking system with manual brake function, rotary drive and a two-wire electrical system with a voltage of 24 V.

The trailer platform is equipped with a waterproof tent with a metal frame.

On the trailer there is a diesel - generating plant that carries spare parts and tent coating of the field unit. From both sides of the chassis there are two removable hinged ladders for elevated jobs and tanks for storage for fuels & lubricants.

DALGAKIRAN DJ70-NT Diesel Generator Set with a capacity of 40kW is designed to supply electricity to consumers of the unit with a voltage of 380 V.

The set mounted at the trailer can be installed away from working places, what efficiently reduces the impact of industrial noise. The set is protected with additional protective cover preventing from intrusion of foreign objects on rotating engine parts.

Container-type MP-A Field Unit is designed to perform washing and painting, welding, gas-cutting and gas-welding works. It is equipped with tools and devices for charging and maintenance of batteries. Field unit is additionally equipped with air-pressure compressors for filling the cylinders of launcher system of BTR-4 engines with 170atm pressure.

MP-A module is equipped with frontal input vertical blinds and lateral blinds for access to the module hydraulic system control section and utility area.

The module has a lateral drawer section, which will increase the working space by 30%. Natural interior lighting of the module is ensured by the front and lateral windows. All windows are covered with grids outside to prevent intrusion during storage and transportation.

At night when the module is operating at site, the interior space is illuminated with 27V lamps powered by the external network (or diesel - generator set). Standby power source for emergency lighting lamps is 12ST-85R type accumulator battery.

For light screening, there are blinds at the windows inside the module.

The module is ventilated by the intake fan; in the winter, the air is heated by the portable electric heater.

MP-B field module is similar to MP-A module. It is designed to perform disassembly & assembly works, repair works on armored vehicles (axles, gear wheels, hydraulic cylinders, fuel injectors, sparks, electric motors, etc.) and their further testing at test bench equipment.

The module is equipped with special stands, supports, equipment and keys for performing the above operations. Among them there are a testing stand for hydraulic equipment of armored vehicles, stand for gear wheel disassembly-assembly, a stand for gear wheel testing, stand for axles’ disassembly-assembly, stand for axles testing. Similarly, there is a crane with a lifting capacity of 1 t to move units within the working area of the module, a stand for sandblasting cleaning of spark plugs, a stand for testing diesel injectors, stand for testing electric motors and contactors, AT-6 digital tachometer, assembly grips.

MP-C field module is similar to MP-A module. It is designed to perform plumbing and mechanical work (plumbing bending, rolling out, cutting pipes, turning, milling, drilling, sharpening, grinding), work at press equipment. The module is equipped with turning, milling, drilling, electrical sharpening machines, a press, bench clamps, bench and measuring tools.

The module is equipped with drilling machine for mechanical treatment during the drilling of holes in diameter of up to 25 mm; universal milling machine to perform mechanical treatment of pieces from steel, brass, aluminum and their alloys; lathe turning and screw-cutting machine for execution of pieces in diameter of up to 360 mm. Similarly, the module is equipped with a hydraulic press with an operating force of 20 t, electrical sharpening machine for dry grinding.

MP-D field module is generally similar to the above modules of field unit. The difference is following: instead of inlet shutters, the module has single-leaf door, and there is a separate engineer’s room with weapons safe inside.

This module is designed for maintaining weapons and arms, recording and arranging the repair process of armored vehicles.

The module’s utility area includes a refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, sink and wardrobe for cloth.

The central part of the module’s workspace has an eating area for eight crewmembers and a sleeping compartment.


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