Maintenance Workshops of Different Purpose

Since 2010, the factory focuses on the production of workshops for different purposes:

1. Maintenance workshop is designed to provide maintenance of wheeled and armored vehicles in TE, TO1 and TO2 volumes in the field conditions and to carry out certain work for routine repair of vehicles.

Maintenance workshop performs the following tasks:
- refueling from external tank;
- maintenance of filtering elements;
- maintenance of electric machines and units;
- adjustment of units, assemblies, mechanisms of machines, their systems and control actuators;
- carrying out maintenance work for arms before and after the shooting, equipment of shops (gun and machine-gun belts);
- removal of small faults and replacement of power plant, transmission units and assemblies;
- replacement of chassis units;
- repair of pneumatic tires;
- lifting work during the replacement of units (assemblies) and other loading operations;
- electric welding of ferrous metals;
- assembly-disassembly works and fitter-mechanical works;
- external washing and internal cleaning;
- tinting of vehicles;
- charging of batteries by means of the workshop;
- start of engines run by external source.

2. Repair shop (RM) is designed to ensure the assembling and dismantling, electric welding, gas-welding, gas-cutting, plumbing and mechanical works, as well as charging battery during the military repair of wheeled or armored vehicles in the field conditions.

Repair shop solves the following objectives:

- replacement of units, assemblies and components of wheeled and armored vehicles;
- adjustment of units, assemblies, mechanisms of machines, their systems and control actuators;
- lifting works during the replacement of units (assemblies) and other loading works;
- electric arc welding;
- manual argon welding of non-ferrous metals;
- gas-oxygen cutting;
- plumbing and mechanical work;
- tinting of equipment;
- washing and cleaning of units and assemblies of wheeled and armored vehicles;
- electrical equipment maintenance, simple repair and replacement of defective electrical apparatuses.

3. Workshop on repair and maintenance of batteries (SRZ-A) is designed for charging (discharging), repair of lead-acid batteries of starters and carrying out of their supervisory and training cycles in the field conditions.

The station solves the following objectives:

- determining of technical condition of accumulator batteries;
- repair of accumulator batteries with a partial disassembly and replacement of parts;
- casting of lead parts needed for repair;
- making distilled water and electrolyte;
- activation of dry charged batteries;
- charging of accumulator batteries at a constant value of charging current power or voltage.

4. Checkout Machine (COM) is designed for diagnostics, maintenance and routine repair of fire control systems of armored vehicles.

5. Workshop with special electric equipment (WSEE) is designed to provide maintenance, fault detection and routine repair of electrical equipment, stabilizers, sighting and surveillance devices.