"Kharkiv Special Machine Plant"

Scope of activities:

- development, manufacturing, sales, repair, upgrading and disposal of weapons, military and special-purpose equipment and ammunition;
- activities in the defense field;
- production of motor vehicles;
- manufacture of car bodies for motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers;
- development and production of maintenance equipment for repair of armored vehicles and other armament;
- production of military vehicles.

The plant repairs and restores engines and power units for KamAZ, YMZ, ZIL, and other brands.
A new page in the history of the plant began in 2010, when the company developed and mastered the production of universal maintenance workshops for different types of special-purpose equipment.
Currently, the company serially arranged the production of workshops of MTO-1, MTO-2, KPM, SRZ-A type.
These workshops are supplied for maintenance and repair of light and heavy armored vehicles for over ten countries.
Foreign customers highly praised the quality and techniques of the workshops.
In addition, the company manufactures special-purpose tractors for evacuation of light and heavy armored vehicles.